Portfolio: Certified Food Manager (CFM)

The Project:

CFM Screen ShotThis self-paced online course provides food managers in Minnesota four hours of continuing education. The course, which began in 2003, was updated with four new modules in 2007. The modules are a mix of readings, interactive exercises, videos, audio clips, and case studies.

To develop the modules, Stellar Interactions conducted a series of formative usability sessions with food managers across Minnesota. The findings of this research were used determining the best instructional design for the course. Stellar Interactions also developed a series of feedback surveys for the course, so the University of Minnesota Food Safety team continues to receive information about the course for learners.

In 2013, the course was moved a proprietary Learning Management System (LMS) to Moodle. Stellar Interactions migrated the materials to ensure all of the interactive elements continued to work in the new Moodle environment.