Portfolio: School of Public Health

The Project:

Climate wedges screenFor the past 9 years, Stellar Interactions has worked with Dr. Pat McGovern on her course, PubH 6105: Environmental and Occupational Health. This graduate-level course is part of the School of Public Health at the Unviersity of Minnesota.

Stellar Interactions has developed online lectures through Adobe Connect that contain interactive components and case studies. To develop appropriate interactivity, Stellar Interactions conducted formative and summative usability research on enhancing the online lectures.

Currently, Stellar Interactions is working to develop an interactive mobile learning application for the course. This mobile app will allow students to see how six groups react to different climate change solutions.



The findings of the usability research for adding interactive elements to the online lectures and the move from WebCT/WebVista to Moodle were presented at the Distance Teaching and Learning in 2007, 2010, and 2012.