Portfolio: Watershed Specialist Training

The Project:

Climate wedges screenThe Water Resources Center at the University of Minnesota needed to develop a 16-week training course for watershed managers in Minnesota. This course would provide a much needed overview of topics needed by current watershed managers to success in their work. These topics aren't usually included in typical educational paths for these managers yet are crucial to their success.

Part of the challenge of the proejct was creating a cohesive course from the input of twelve different subject matter experts (SMEs) developing materials across eight modules. Stellar Interactions developed templates and recommendations to help these SME teams create effective content.

Stellar Interactions worked with the project leads and content experts to develop learner-centered materials that could be applied directly to the watershed managers current work. The materials included discussions, case studies, and assignments designed to use current projects from the learners' current workload.

To ensure the materials met the learners' professional needs, Stellar Interactions conducted both formative and summative usability research on the course. Findings from this research helped guide the development of course content, case studies, discussions, and assignments.